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1. Name of register

Yoso Oy’s Customer Register

2. Purpose and usage of register

Data in the register can be used for customer relationship management in general and for producing, maintaining, managing and developing services for Yoso Oy’s customers. The register can also be used for marketing and statistical purposes as permitted by law.

Data in the register can be used for delivering the Populon service and associated services to Yoso Oy’s customers. These services are delivered either by Yoso Oy or other service providers.

Customer has the right to forbid the use of their personal data for direct marketing.

3. Content of register

The register may contain the following information on customers:

  • Basic personal information, such as first and last name, company ID and contact information
  • Company and title
  • Legal persons, name of contact person and contact details
  • Customer number or other similar identification
  • Information related to the customer relationship, corresponding agreements, and customer history
  • Billing details
  • Additional data collected with customer’s consent or received from the customer directly
  • Other data further classifying the company or customer

4. Regular data sources

The data is inserted in by the customer and collected directly through the Populon service, or it is gathered by other means directly from the registered person. Personal details can be updated from civil registry or other registers managed by third parties.

5. Release of data

Data is not released on a regular basis. Data can be released to Yoso Oy’s partners with customer’s consent. Data may be disclosed to the authorities when required by mandatory local legislation or court order.

6. Transferring data outside the EU/EEA

Data is not disclosed to third parties operating outside of the EU/EEA without customer’s consent.

7. Principles of register protection

The register does not contain manual material.

Electronically processed data is protected by a technical solution, which is designed to ensure that inserted data remains unchanged and is available only for persons granted access rights to the data. Access rights to the register are limited to those individuals in Yoso’s personnel whose job requires them to manage the data. Reading or editing data in the register requires user-specific login. Backups of the register are taken and stored on a regular basis.

8. Cookies

Cookies are used in Yoso Oy’s online services. A cookie is a small text file that is sent and stored on the user’s device, without harming the device or its files. Cookies collect information and analyze the usage of the service with the purpose of improving the user experience by making it more personal. Information gathered by cookies can also be used to optimize customer communications and marketing.

The purpose of cookies is to enhance the customer experience of Yoso Oy’s web pages by analyzing and improving the content and function of the services provided online.

The visitor to Yoso Oy’s web pages cannot be identified through cookies only. The data gathered by cookies can be, however, linked to data provided by the user through the web pages, such as when filling in research forms and questionnaires.

The following data is collected with cookies:

  • The IP address of the visitor
  • The time of the visit
  • Browsed pages and time spent on viewing the content
  • Visitor’s browser

A visitor to Yoso Oy’s web pages can block the use of cookies at any time by changing the settings of their browser. Most browsers allow to turn off cookies completely and remove already stored cookies. It should be noted that blocking cookies can affect the use of the web pages and services on it.

9. Right of inspection

Articles 15-21 of EU regulation 679/2016 give the person, whose data is in the register, the right to access their information and ask for their data to be deleted, rectified, restricted, or transferred over to or from another data system.

With reference to the above-mentioned, the request should be delivered in writing and signed to the following address:

Yoso Oy
Säterintie 6
FI-37600 Valkeakoski, Finland
or alternatively to the email address:

10. Other rights associated with the management of personal data

Data in the register is not enclosed to third parties for the purpose of direct marketing, distance selling, direct advertising, or market research.