Terms and Conditions of Payment Service

Terms and Conditions of Payment Service, 1.5.2022

In the Payments section, you can create various payments, such as membership or transaction fees, and send them to members and other participants for payment.

Payment and settlements

  • Invoices are paid through the Populon service, where the payment intermediary is Paytrail Oy (payment service provider). Payments are confirmed by bank ID or other payment method by selecting the payment method on the screen. Payments can also be made by paper invoice.
  • The function is generated by Paytrail Oyj, through which payments are credited to the payment transaction account of Yoso Oy, which provides the Populon.fi service.

Payment Service Provider

  • Paytrail Plc acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Paytrail Plc will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to.
    Paytrail Plc, Innova 2, Lutakonaukio 7, FI-40100 Jyväskylä, Finland, Business ID 2122839-7
  • Payment settlement to the Community`s own account is made by determining the settings of the populon maintenance interface. The settlement will appear in the Community account after 3-5 business days. You can also apply for a settlement separately by contacting customer service with Populon Customer Service, customerservice@populon.fi. In this case, the accrued charges will be submitted.
  • Transaction and service charges have been deducted from the amount to be paid to the Community account.
  • In the Payments section, the settlements can be used to monitor the status of payments and check out transaction information.


  • A transaction fee of € 0.8 is charged for each charge collected.
  • For each settlement into the Community`s account a service fee 10 € / time will be charged.


Changes in the Terms of use and pricing administrators will be informed by email 1 month before their entry into force.

These terms and conditions are available in Finnish and English language. If there will be conflict between different language versions, the Finnish version shall apply primary.